January 3, 2017

Story of Your Life

Stories of Your Life
by Ted Chiang
source:  InterLibraryLoan

Had an unexpected free afternoon!  Treated myself to the movie Arrival which is
based on the short story Story of Your Life in the collection Stories of Your Life.

This page!

When I read this page, I immediately thought of ASL which has its own syntax and grammatical rules.  A few pages later, ASL was mentioned.   Tickled me to no end. 

Learned a word tonight:  semiotics - the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

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Kathryn said...

Hi Betty,

I tried clicking on your email link, but it didn't work for me. You left a comment on my blog, http://4thelvofreading.blogspot.com/ for me asking about the Biannual Bibliothon. Here is the link:https://www.youtube.com/c/biannualbibliothon.