December 23, 2016

2017 Challenges

I'm joining several challenges!

First up is Litsy's AtoZ Reading Challenge  #LitsyAtoZ      One book for every letter of the alphabet. That's 26 books!

Mount TBR 2017 has the goal of paring down TBR books.   I joined Pikes Peak or Bust, with the goal of finishing up 12 books/ARCs.

In connection with those TBRs is Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge.

I'm also part of three book clubs/swaps.

The ones below will be filled in when possible.

Book Riot has a Read Harder Challenge 

Litsy has a Reading Challenge 2017 bingo card.   
Categories are:
Non-fiction: food/drink
With "Girl(s)" in the title
Written by a woman of color
Starts with "Z"
Set in Africa
Published 10 years ago
About immigration
More than 400 pages
Person of color memoir
Multiple perspectives:  Loving
From the "Rory Gilmore" list
Set in the 1970s
Based on historical event
2016 award winner
Translated from another language
Written by someone your age
About music/theatre
With an LGBTQ relationship
By an indie publisher
On TBR over 1 year
Recommended by ...
Takes place over 150 years ago
Freezer-worthy horror
Judge by the cover

There's the Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge with a Goodreads group.

Of course the same book can and will be counted in more than one challenge.

December 12, 2016

Absolutely Fine

It's All Absolutely Fine:  Life is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead
by Ruby Elliot
publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
published December 2016
source NetGalley

reflections:  A-ha moments come in the middle of books or events.   My a-ha moment came when I read other reviews and realized this is the author's memoir and that mental illness is part of her life.

Ruby Elliot posts cartoons on Tumblr    Her book opens with mad drawings such as this.    Those eyes!  Both pairs.  I cringed.

Then towards the end they become clearer, while Ruby finds herself.  Ah, such a walk of pride!

My favorite is a double-page spread telling how it feels when someone claims to know exactly what you're going through (pages 230-231).    Whoa, Ruby puts her finger on our pulses!

My perspective:  It was difficult to read on Bluefire because of the small print on my iPhone.   I hope to find a physical book soon.  

December 10, 2016


Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik
source:  library

reflections:   The results of the election hit me hard.  It was great to read about other "Nasty Women" on Facebook and in print.   Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the second woman chosen to be on the Supreme Court.

This book taught me a lot about the Supreme Court as well as RBG.   I liked the double-page spread of a photo of the nine justices.   One of the best biographies I've read this year.  

Here's a quote to ponder:

December 7, 2016


Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
author: Kate Clifford Larson
source: the library

Reflections:   I've always enjoyed reading about the Kennedys.    I was aware of the story of Rosemary, hidden away, until the Shrivers became involved with work with the disabled. More new biographies have come out, so I was interested in reading Rosemary.

This biography of Rosemary Kennedy has some shocking quotes.  I was horrified to read of Rosemary's birth. If the doctor missed the birth, 
"he could not charge the extremely high fee of $125 for prenatal care and delivery.  When holding Rose's legs together failed to keep the baby from coming, the nurse ... (resorted to) holding the baby's head and forcing it back into the birth canal for two excruciating hours."
Rosemary ended up with a lobotomy because
"Joe Sr., if not other members of the family, felt Rosemary's behavior had now become a menacing disgrace to the Kennedys' political, financial, and social aspirations."
I'm off to look for more Kennedy biographies.