November 2, 2016

The Murder Game

The Murder Game
by Julie Apple (Catherine McKenzie)
Publisher  Lawsome Books
Published November 2016
source NetGalley

reflections:   The last book I read was Fractured.  The Murder Game is a fictional book (or is it fictional?) mentioned throughout Fractured.  

The Murder Game time-shifts between four students in law school in Montreal and the same people twelve years later.    Julian confesses to a murder while sleepwalking.  Jonathan is his defense attorney.    Meredith, our main character and narrator, is the prosecutor in Julian's trial.

Here's  an excerpt of the Murder Game to whet your interest.  The middle of the book took up too many pages with questions in the trial about medications for sleep issues and sleepwalking.    Once beyond that, the story became much more interesting.

I would have enjoyed reading more about how the law students created The Murder Game itself.   

Pondering:   Will Catherine McKenzie aka Julie Apple write a book about the ten years between The Murder Game and Fractured?   There's the story of the stalker to explore.