December 7, 2016


Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
author: Kate Clifford Larson
source: the library

Reflections:   I've always enjoyed reading about the Kennedys.    I was aware of the story of Rosemary, hidden away, until the Shrivers became involved with work with the disabled. More new biographies have come out, so I was interested in reading Rosemary.

This biography of Rosemary Kennedy has some shocking quotes.  I was horrified to read of Rosemary's birth. If the doctor missed the birth, 
"he could not charge the extremely high fee of $125 for prenatal care and delivery.  When holding Rose's legs together failed to keep the baby from coming, the nurse ... (resorted to) holding the baby's head and forcing it back into the birth canal for two excruciating hours."
Rosemary ended up with a lobotomy because
"Joe Sr., if not other members of the family, felt Rosemary's behavior had now become a menacing disgrace to the Kennedys' political, financial, and social aspirations."
I'm off to look for more Kennedy biographies.