October 1, 2016

Waldorf in Alaska

Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Wild State of Alaska
by Beth Ann Stifflemire and Barbara Terry
publisher:  Waldorf Publishing
date published:  October 1, 2016
source:  author and publisher

reflections:   Alaska!  One of my favorite memories of my trip to Alaska in 2013 was the flight in a sea plane over five glaciers.  When we landed back on the water, it was so smooth I barely noticed the touchdown. 

The first page of Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Wild State of Alaska shows him in a sea plane.   You may recall from the previous book in the series when Mr. Waldorf traveled to Texas, that he lost his glasses.  He does it again!

Rather than mentioning towns and cities in Texas, this book focuses more on the animals in Alaska.  

my perspective:  I preferred the Mr. Waldorf in Texas book because it has more variety.  That won't stop my grandson from enjoying reading the book in the car when I pick him up after school.