October 25, 2016


by Catherine McKenzie
Publisher  Lake Union Publishing
Published October 2016
source NetGalley

reflections:   Ever had bad neighbors?  Neighbors who snoop and tell everyone else what to do in the neighborhood?   Fortunately, I haven't.   But Julie in Fractured does.

Julie Apple Prentice, a best-selling author, and her family move to Cincinnati from Washington state, mainly to get away from a stalker.   They choose a lovely neighborhood, however the people around them are not so lovely.   Things start badly at a block party and get worse.  Then, there's Cindy who publishes newsletters giving rules.  She forbids the Prentices from attending any more block parties. 

And the stalker?  How did the stalker find them?!

My perspective:  At times the story was confusing,  it jumped around from "Today" to "Four months ago" to remembering things from college years. Everyone is in the courthouse, waiting to be called to give testimony.   But what happened to require attendance in court?

Connecting novel:   Julie's best-selling novel  The Murder Game  which was mentioned several times in Fractured will be available next week!