September 24, 2016

The Ferryman Institute

The Ferryman Institute
by Colin Gigl
publisher The Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books
to be published September 27, 2016
source NetGalley

reflections:   (a) Do you remember the mythological ferryman Charon when you read myths in high school?  He ferried the dead across the River Styx.   (b) Have you ever been burned out in a job?

Charlie is a top ferryman,  handsome,  sarcastic, and mentally burned out.   He has worked for 25 decades at The Ferryman Institute leading the souls of the dead to the afterlife.  He has written 6049 requests to be transferred out of the Institute.  Each request has been denied, because his services are too valuable.  

One day, Charlie makes a mistake.  

my perspective:  Loved loved loved this book.  Witty, sarcastic humor. 

a 17th century painting of Charon