August 13, 2016

Watching Edie

Watching Edie
author:  Camilla Way
publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group
source:  NetGalley

reflections:   Ever been in a relationship so toxic you are walking on eggshells?  That's the plot of Watching Edie.

Synonyms that build up dread:   watch,  watch over,  surveillance,  stalk.   
Apprehension escalates for the reader.  What happened in the past?  What will happen in the future?  

One of the characters in the book:  "I feel as if we are all waiting for something although I have no idea what for."

The story is told with  Before and After perspectives.
Before:  Heather and Edie meet when they are sixteen.  Edie,  a beautiful wild girl, has just moved to town.   They become instant friends because they like to complain to each other about their mothers. Edie picks up a boyfriend, Connor.    Then something terrible happens.  We readers don't know exactly what until the end of the book.
After:  Edie is a single mother suffering from postpartum.  Heather comes back into her life.

My perspective:  it took me several days to read because of the building apprehension.   I had to take a break to come back to the real world for a few days.