August 31, 2016


Breast Cancer Smoothies  
by Daniella Chace
publisher HCI Press
to be published September 20, 2016
source  NetGalley

reflections:  Who doesn't love a smoothie!     Who has friends who are survivors?   Every fall, the school where I used to work has a basketball game honoring staff members who are breast cancer survivors.

Daniella Chace is a nutritionist and author of several books focused on smoothies and other health food.    Her Breast Cancer Smoothies book emphasizes what to avoid and what to add.

Avoid sugars because they feed the cancer cells.  Dairy products are contraindicated.  Plastic food containers and utensils are a big no-no.   Add proteins and fiber.  Fiber slows the release of the natural sugars in the smoothies so that our bodies have time to use the nutrients.

A healthy kitchen is described.  Basic smoothie making steps are given.   Foods that are the most and the least sprayed with pesticides are listed.    The majority of the book are recipes which include detailed nutrition facts and research studies.  

My perspective:  I need to fire up my Vita-Mix machine!