July 10, 2016

Baby Doll

Baby Doll
by Hollie Overton
publisher Redhook Books
publishing date July 12, 2016
source NetGalley

reflections:  Most of us have read Room or seen the movie based on it.  We've heard about the true life Castro case in Ohio where women were held captive for years.   How do the women and their family members react once they are free?

Baby Doll opens with Lily realizing the locked door is no longer locked.   She grabs her daughter and escapes.   While she's running outside, she recognizes landmarks and realizes she's close to home.

After she's reunited with her family,  Lily leads the police to her captor.   His identity is a shock to everyone in town.  "No way!! It can't be!!"

The author did good characterizations of Lily, her twin Abby, their mother Eve and the captor.    Most of the book is family drama, adding on the high school sweetheart and the sheriff.   Meh.   Very little was said about the six-year-old who seemed to be an afterthought during all the drama.

Emotions of the characters run up and down.   At points, the book and characters didn't seem true to me.  However, I enjoyed racing to find out what happens between Lily, Abby and the captor.