July 14, 2015

Love Lies Beneath

Love Lies Beneath
by Ellen Hopkins
publisher:  Atria Books
to be published July 21, 2015
source:  publisher and NetGalley

reflections:  Have you ever been so peeved or insulted or hurt that  you start plotting revenge?  If so, meet Tara.

summary:  Tara, our narrator in Love Lies Beneath, has been widowed once and divorced twice.    On a ski trip in Tahoe, she injures her knee and meets a doctor.  They begin a love affair.  She receives threatening texts from "Private."  Should she trust the doctor?  Should he trust her?

perspective:   A wonderful read!   There are several ominous thoughts on revenge that Tara has.  Here's a few:
  • Her sister asks  "Do you ever think about revenge?"   "Only when it's useful.  And then I do more than just think about it."
  • I do have triggers, and once in awhile revenge just feels good.
  • As soon as I know for sure who "Private" is, I'll take care of the problem myself.
  • Revenge.  The word slices, bayonet-edged.
  • I don't trust easily and, relative or not, once you chew a hole in that thin veneer, I will write you off completely.  Punch one, I'm liable to retaliate.

If this were a movie, spooky music would play throughout.   You know something bad is going to happen.  To whom and how?   Oh the suspense!

FYI:  lots of erotic sex in the book.

July 12, 2015

Trust No One

Trust No One
author:  Paul Cleave
publisher: Atria Books
publishing date:  August 4, 2015
source:  Publisher and NetGalley

Reflections:  Have you ever been confused and asked yourself, did that really happen? 

Jerry Gray is an author of crime novels.  At age 49, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or as he calls it "Captain A".    When he confesses to murder,  he is told these murders were in his novels, that he didn't do them in real life.   Because his dementia is causing him to decline rapidly,  his daughter moves up her wedding.   In the meantime, Jerry keeps a Madness Journal for Future Jerry to read.  In his journal, he uses a lot of Good News, Bad News statements.

Trust No One alternates between the Madness Journal of the past and events of the present. All three narratives, first, second, and third person cases, are used.

Some humor:  the police tell Jerry they are taking him down for questioning, he asks twice if he can play with the sirens.  In the interrogation room, the police ask Jerry if he wants a drink.  His answer:  "Yes, gin and tonic."    A quote:
Write what you know and fake the rest.
My perspective:   The novel started out great, five stars.   However, in the middle of the novel, events became too confusing for me just as they were for Jerry.   The middle dragged because of my confusion.  There was one character I despised.  Towards the end, though, things picked up and it became much more interesting. Despite my initial confusion, I wasn't too surprised by the ending.    

July 10, 2015


by Laura Lane McNeal
published June 2015
publisher:  Penguin Books
source:  publisher

Reflections:  Every family has secrets.  One day when I was a young teenager, my parents, uncle and aunt talked about a doctor and his wife.  When my older cousin asked for more information, they clammed up right away and wouldn't tell us anything.  A few years later, I remembered my great-grandfather was a doctor.  Were they talking about my great-grandparents?    Not for me to know.

In Dollbaby,   Ibby  was dumped at her eccentric grandmother's home by her mother after her father died.  Ibby didn't even know she had a grandmother, so she naturally feels abandoned.

Before I read the book,  I thought Dollbaby would be a very young girl.  I was put out to discover  Dollbaby is 28 years old and one of the servants.  What kind of name is that??  Also she is not one of the main characters, so why this title?   Eventually you find out, along with other secrets.

My perspective:  The book focuses more on characters than the events of the time period.   It is a typical leisurely Southern-setting read.   The book ended sweetly.  Here's a quote:
Whenever there's a loss, there's bound to be a gain somewhere else.  you just have to know where to look for it.

July 4, 2015

Remember Mia

Remember Mia     
by Alexandra Burt
publisher: Penguin
to be published July 7, 2015
source:  publisher

Reflections:   I lose things all the time.  Sometimes they show up such as an old iPhone years after I replaced it.   Sometimes they don't.  Fortunately, one thing I've never misplaced is a baby;  I wouldn't be able to live.

Estelle Paradise or "Amnesia Mom" as a newscaster calls her, is found in a ravine, with her memory gone.   Gradually, she remembers the horror she felt when she woke up one morning with her colicky baby gone.   Everything connected with baby Mia is gone, no diapers, no bottles, no clothes.   Suspicions arise, Estelle even wonders if she's guilty.

my perspective:  The first half was slow moving wading through Estelle's flashback memories while she regained them. Confession: I had to jump to the last third of the book to calm my nerves. Then the book zoomed by. When I finished the book,  I went back to the part where I skipped and read the middle part.   Try this method if you find it difficult to read;  get the suspense over with, then enjoy seeing how Estelle remembers events with the help of Dr. Ari.