October 6, 2015

Elle and Coach

Elle and Coach
author Stefany Shaheen with Mark Dagostino
published August 2015
source:  purchased

Reflections:    A friend of a former co-worker on Facebook has a preschooler with Type 1 diabetes.  They got a medical alert dog Jubilee who alerts highs or lows.    She shares photos on Facebook.  When I heard about this book, I had to buy it.

Summary:  Elle (pronounced Ellie) was diagnosed barely in time with Type 1 diabetes.   The disease impacts the whole family, adding extra worries.  When Elle's mother learns about  medic-alert dogs, she brushes this information off.  Poo-pooh, dogs are too much trouble.   But.....  eventually Elle and her dad fly to Kansas to meet a possible dog.

My perspective:   A super read.  So amazing how science is able to lasso the highly-skilled scent abilities of dogs to work better for humankind!   I contacted this friend of a friend,  and am mailing the book to her.