August 5, 2015


author Natasha Preston
published August 4, 2015
publisher Sourcebooks Fire
source NetGalley

reflections:   There's a saying "With friends like that, who needs enemies?"   Scarlett's jealous BFF doesn't act like a friend.   Is Scarlett's newest crush Noah truly a friend?

Awake begins with two teens quibbling over who will get the new guy in school.   From there, it moves into a typical high school crush, movie dates, meeting parents.    Scarlett tells Noah she has amnesia from the years before she was four years old.  After an automobile accident, Scarlett has a series of dreams.  Apparently Noah and his family are part of a vegan cult on a quest.   What is the quest?

my perspective:   Am I too old for YA books?  Or is it simply the problem with this book?    I don't buy the amnesia premise at the age of four,  not many of us remember details from those formative years.   After all the movie dates, I felt like telling the book "get on with the story."