August 23, 2015

All the Difference

All the Difference
author Leah Ferguson
publisher  Berkley
to be published September 2015
source publisher

reflections:   Many times in our lives we struggle with decisions.  I've spent hours on-line trying to decide which motel to stay in on vacation.  That should have been a quick and easy decision.   On harder decisions,  we often wonder "What if I'd decided something else..."

On New Year's Eve, Molly says "you've got to be kidding me" when her pregnancy test shows positive.   By the end of the evening, her on-again-off-again boyfriend proposes.  Now what?

The cover of the book says it all:  accept the marriage proposal or not?   The reading is a delight, because it tells us "what if."   The chapters alternate with "If She'd Said No" and "If She'd Said Yes"

My perspective: A fun read;  Molly ponders on how she'll break the baby news to her  parents and to her BFF who is struggling with infertility.   Her boyfriend's mother is all gaga about the pregnancy.  There were some obnoxious characters too.  Some good quotes:
...that's the thing about being a grown-up:
I just feel like no matter which way I turn, I'm going to feel guilty about something.

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