July 12, 2015

Trust No One

Trust No One
author:  Paul Cleave
publisher: Atria Books
publishing date:  August 4, 2015
source:  Publisher and NetGalley

Reflections:  Have you ever been confused and asked yourself, did that really happen? 

Jerry Gray is an author of crime novels.  At age 49, he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, or as he calls it "Captain A".    When he confesses to murder,  he is told these murders were in his novels, that he didn't do them in real life.   Because his dementia is causing him to decline rapidly,  his daughter moves up her wedding.   In the meantime, Jerry keeps a Madness Journal for Future Jerry to read.  In his journal, he uses a lot of Good News, Bad News statements.

Trust No One alternates between the Madness Journal of the past and events of the present. All three narratives, first, second, and third person cases, are used.

Some humor:  the police tell Jerry they are taking him down for questioning, he asks twice if he can play with the sirens.  In the interrogation room, the police ask Jerry if he wants a drink.  His answer:  "Yes, gin and tonic."    A quote:
Write what you know and fake the rest.
My perspective:   The novel started out great, five stars.   However, in the middle of the novel, events became too confusing for me just as they were for Jerry.   The middle dragged because of my confusion.  There was one character I despised.  Towards the end, though, things picked up and it became much more interesting. Despite my initial confusion, I wasn't too surprised by the ending.