July 14, 2015

Love Lies Beneath

Love Lies Beneath
by Ellen Hopkins
publisher:  Atria Books
to be published July 21, 2015
source:  publisher and NetGalley

reflections:  Have you ever been so peeved or insulted or hurt that  you start plotting revenge?  If so, meet Tara.

summary:  Tara, our narrator in Love Lies Beneath, has been widowed once and divorced twice.    On a ski trip in Tahoe, she injures her knee and meets a doctor.  They begin a love affair.  She receives threatening texts from "Private."  Should she trust the doctor?  Should he trust her?

perspective:   A wonderful read!   There are several ominous thoughts on revenge that Tara has.  Here's a few:
  • Her sister asks  "Do you ever think about revenge?"   "Only when it's useful.  And then I do more than just think about it."
  • I do have triggers, and once in awhile revenge just feels good.
  • As soon as I know for sure who "Private" is, I'll take care of the problem myself.
  • Revenge.  The word slices, bayonet-edged.
  • I don't trust easily and, relative or not, once you chew a hole in that thin veneer, I will write you off completely.  Punch one, I'm liable to retaliate.

If this were a movie, spooky music would play throughout.   You know something bad is going to happen.  To whom and how?   Oh the suspense!

FYI:  lots of erotic sex in the book.