June 30, 2015

Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby

by Mary Kubica

publisher: Harlequin/Mira
publishing date:  July 28, 2015
source:  NetGalley

Reflections:   There's an old saying:  opposites attract.    Heidi works for a non-profit agency in Chicago helping poverty-stricken illiterate immigrants.  When her husband Chris met her 14 years ago, he found her bleeding heart adorable.   However after years of marriage, this hits a nerve.   He works on financial spreadsheets, money money money is his thing.   They're opposites for sure!

One rainy morning in the train station, Heidi notices a teenager  holding a baby wrapped in pink fleece.   During the next few days, Heidi looks for the girl with the pretty baby.   Finally, one day they have a conversation; Heidi persuades her to come to a diner for a meal.  

From the diner, Heidi brings the girl and the baby home!   Chris and their spoiled pre-teen daughter are aghast.   Who is this homeless creature?  Why is she in their home?   Is it safe to have her around?    What's her background?  How long will she stay?

The author Mary Kubica has done a fabulous job writing in three POVs:   Heidi,  Chris, and Willow, the young girl.   There are other minor characters that bring so much to the story: Graham the neighbor, Cassidy the sexy girl in Chris' office,  and more.  

My perspective:  This is one of the best books of 2015.     I became suspicious of some lines,  there are twists,  ah-ha moments await.