May 26, 2015

Eeny Meeny

Eeny Meeny

author M.J. Arlidge
publisher Penguin
to be published:  June 2, 2015
source: publisher through NetGalley

Reflections:    Often we, as children,  need to make a choice such as who goes first or who is it in tag.  The rhyme "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo" is used.  

This rhyme becomes ominous in M.J. Arlidge's thriller Eeny Meeny.    Two people are kidnapped,  left with no food, no water, no escape.  There is a weapon,  perhaps a gun.    There's a choice, kill the other person or be killed yourself.

Soon, Detective Inspector Helen Grace realizes there is a serial killer.   She gathers people in her department to hunt the monster. As time goes by and more people are kidnapped, Helen realizes in horror there may be a connection among all these couples.

My perspective:  a thoroughly chilling read!  It is not until towards the end of the book that we are given clues to the villain.    I was delighted to find out that more Helen Grace books are coming along. The next one is Pop Goes the Weasel.  I cannot wait for it to come to the United States so I ordered a copy from the United Kingdom.   That shows how much I want to keep reading about Helen Grace.