March 5, 2014

The Moon Sisters

The Moon Sisters 
by Therese Walsh
published by Crown
source:  publisher

reflections:   I have no sisters.  Is this why I enjoy reading books about sisters.  There is a love-hate relationship between them that doesn't seem to exist elsewhere. 

At the beginning of The Moon Sisters, we meet sisters Jazz and Olivia.  Olivia finds her mother dead in the kitchen, with the gas stove on.   A letter is on the table;  Olivia hides the letter in her pocket.

The book is divided into five parts:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. Sound familiar?   Anyone in Psych 201 learns about these five stages from Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

The two sisters move on with their lives after their mother's death; they go through the five stages.   There is tension.  We learn about Jazz's birth, the reason for her name and about Olivia from the letters written by their mother.   

The end shows how much of what is assumed to be reality is simply that -- an assumption, a misconception.   What is reality?