April 13, 2014


by Amanda Maciel
publisher Harper Collins
source  publisher
to be published late April 2014

Reflections:   In my few decades of teaching,   I have reported students for bullying;  eventually I see how they turned out after graduation.  I have come across students who show no remorse for their actions.  I simply couldn't understand how their minds worked until I read Tease.   We all know Gossip and Peer Pressure are top influences in high school ---  Tease tells us how the influences collide.

Tease was not an easy book to read.  We tend to want to like the characters we read about.   Sara is accused of bullying Emma until Emma committed suicide.  Sara justifies her actions.   She is forced to talk to a lawyer and therapist about her past actions.

Even though Sara is despicable because we, the readers, can see into her mind and hear her words,  her BFF Brielle is even worse.    I kept thinking, be careful of the company you keep!

The letters at the end make the book.