January 15, 2014

1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think

1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think
general editor:  Robert Arp
Publisher:  Atria Books
on sale October 29, 2013
source:  publisher

When I received this 941-page (not including the index) volume,  I began reading at my birthyear, on up to today.   Some ideas surprised me: "this didn't happen until I finished college!"  Then I went back to the very beginning at pre-500 CE and skimmed through.  I read pages connected with  my ancestors' birthyears more closely.

This volume has over 900 striking illustrations, charts and photography which add much to the enjoyment of this volume.

I recognized several terms from watching The Big Bang Theory (every episode guarantees a laugh), such as Higgs Boson (1964) and String Theory (1969).

This book rates only 4 stars because the type-face is small with faded print.  Eye-strain was a result.  If we could make it 1002 Ideas, I'd recommend a darker print for this book.