September 26, 2013

Cain's Blood

Cain's Blood
by Geoffrey Girard
publisher Touchstone
published September 2013
source:  publisher

Reflections:   I almost didn't graduate from college because I made a D in biology.  Even so, I know about Mendel,   the father of genetics.   Girard opens his book Cain's Blood telling us about Mendel's work, moving on to the more recent science of genetics, study of DNAs and cloning.   I would have liked biology better if Girard had been my professor.

Girard makes three chilling statements even before his story begins:
  • Scientists isolated DNA factors.   Once isolated, analyzed each factor to understand how it really worked.  Once understood, explored how to modify.
  • The scientist who led the team that cloned Dolly the Sheep, said in reference to cloning humans, "It would be naive to think it possible to prevent."
  • Cloning humans,  by the way, is still completely legal in the United States.  Everyone just assumes it's not.
What a super background for such a suspenseful novel.   Fiction:  the U.S. Department of Defense  cloned serial killers to develop a new bio-weapon.   Yes, fiction ... but it could happen.   What if serial killers were cloned in order to study nature vs. nurture?   What if some of these teenage clones left the compound on a rampage?  A former special ops soldier is asked to track them in Cain's Blood.

S H I V E R 

That is what I did when I read Cain's Blood.   You will too.   To be honest,  parts of this book held too much horror for me, even though I enjoy reading about serial killers.  Still shuddering.