August 2, 2013

This Girl

This Girl (The Slammed Series, book 3)
author Colleen Hoover
publisher Simon and Schuster, Atria imprint
on sale  August 13, 2013
source:  publisher

A saying I often quote:  There are three sides to every story;  his side, her side, and the truth.     

The Slammed series  is a popular one,  between 4 and 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon.   Reviews are glowing.   The first book Slammed tells Lake's side.  The next one Point of Retreat gives Will's point of view.

Book 3, This Girl, continues the story as told by Will.   Now married, Lake wants to know everything about the past.  She frequently asks, "What was it like when you first saw me?" or "What did he say when....."

Will's Slammed poetry continues in this book.  Fans of the first two will cherish reading this third.

This is a sweet read of a young couple beginning their honeymoon.  However, I did not fall for the story because (a) YA romances do not appeal to me and (b) I have not read the first two books.