August 5, 2013

Secret Sister

Secret Sister
by Emelle Gamble
publisher:  Soul Mate
published July 2013
source: NetGalley

Cathy and Roxanne are best friends.   They have been best friends for life.    Cathy is married to Nick Chance;  it is a marriage made in heaven -- they are perfect for each other.

Roxanne has issues and visits psychologists frequently.  One afternoon Cathy and Roxanne go for a drive in Roxanne's car.  There's a wreck.    One dies.  One lives. 

My review stops here.  I do not want to say anymore because of the danger of spoilers.   Suffice to say I was absorbed in the book.    Some characters I liked,  some I didn't, some I sympathized with.    We are treated to different POVs (points of view).   I wanted to know what would happen next.  Even though I had suspicions about what happened, there was a surprise twist at the end.

I hope the author will continue to write and publish more.