June 19, 2013

The Still Point of the Turning World - review

The Still Point of the Turning World 
by Emily Rapp
publisher Penguin Press
source: publisher

Reflections:  There are no reflections for me to post before the review.  Emily Rapp has lived what I have not lived through.  She is a mother to admire. 

Emily Rapp describes the day she discovered her son Ronan, age nine months, had Tay-Sachs disease.   She wailed.  We all would wail too.     During her pregnancy she specifically had asked to be tested genetically for Tay-Sachs.  She was tested, but did not know she needed to ask for a deeper combination test.

Rapp quotes from well-known authors such as Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein.  Her quotes add poignancy to her book.    This is such a poignant read --- took me several days to follow Rapp and Ronan's journey. 

Read Notes from a Dragon Mom in the New York Times for a taste of Rapp's writing;  then get the book to linger over with tears.

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