June 3, 2013

Ten Things I've Learnt About Love - review

Ten Things I've Learnt about Love
author:  Sarah Butler
publisher:  Penguin
to be published July 2013
source:  publisher

Reflections:   One of the first books that we discussed in Book Club was  Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.   Opal learns ten things about her mother.  We ate egg salad and wrote ten good things about each other.   That list about me has been on my refrigerator the past 8 years.  Therefore I had some positive sentimental feelings when I approached Ten Things I've Learnt about Love.

A debut novel based in London tells the story of a backpacking young woman called to come home because of the impending death of her father.  It also tells the story of a homeless man in London.

Is there a connection between the two people?  Yes.    Early in the book, the reader will figure out the connection.  

Both characters are written in first-person;  I had difficulty at the beginning figuring out which person was speaking.   We follow the past and present of the two characters.   The city of London itself can be considered a character as well.

Each chapter begins with a delightful list of "Ten Things ...."   Some examples:
  • Ten ways other people might describe me.   
  • Ten inappropriate thoughts during my father's funeral.
  • Ten things I'd say about London.