June 11, 2013

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip - review

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip 

author: Scott McEwen and Thomas Koloniar
publisher:  Touchstone, Simon and Schuster
source:  publisher
published June 2013

Reflections:   Ten years ago, a U.S. Army soldier named Jessica was captured in Iraq when her convoy was ambushed.  She was rescued by a Special Ops team.    Two years ago, a humanitarian aid worker also named Jessica was kidnapped by Somali pirates and held for 93 days.  She was rescued by SEAL Team Six.

In Sniper Elite: One Way Trip, McEwen and Thomas Koloniar write fiction about Gil Shannon,  one of the most lethal SEAL snipers ever.   Gil lives in Montana with his wife when he is not on a military mission.  However, he considers his true home to be the Navy.   We read about Gil's hunting of a bull elk and the calculations in his brain while looking through the rifle scope.  We learn through his flashback about his first kill.

In the meantime, a female Black Hawk pilot Sandra Brux is captured in Afghanistan.  The scenes of what her captors do to her are difficult to read.

The military code is:
Leave No Man Behind.
It also should be
Leave No Woman Behind.

However, the President of the U.S.  orders that Brux not be rescued.  Say what?!  Gil and the others in the special ops community plan to defy this order.

Our hearts race with adrenalin when we learn about another One Way Trip.  Gil talks to Brux's husband.  He calls his wife ---  this phone call is a tear-jerker.    No spoilers here about the rescue attempt.   At the very last page, a cold chill ran down my spine.  

Highly recommended!