June 15, 2013

Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits
author  Nicholas James Vujicic
source  Blogging for Books

Reflections:    When I was  around age five years old,  I was playing in my aunt and uncle's living room.   All of sudden my parents said to me, "Look at the t.v.  A man with no hands is playing the piano!"   I watched.    From that point on, that "man with no hands" became my bogeyman.   I was scared of him.  I thought he lived under my bed, and I was afraid he'd grab my ankles when I got out of bed.

After that fear, it is amazing that I requested to review Life Without Limits.    The author Nicholas Vuijcic was born without limbs.  He is an evangelist and a motivational speaker.   His memoir tells of his early years, how he overcame his limits, and gives inspirational paragraphs and chapters.

This book was an enjoyable read.  The photos!  Vujicic has an amazing smile,  you can see his spirit glowing thorough that smile.