June 15, 2013

Learning to Fly - review

Learning to Fly
Steph Davis
publisher: Touchstone, Simon and Schuster
published April 2013
source: publisher

Reflections:  me climb mountains?  Hah! The closest I ever did that was Stone Mountain near Atlanta.  Our college P.E. class camped there twice.  We rode the cable car up the steep part and walked down the sloping side.  I tripped,  slid on my stomach and knees several feet, and ruined my favorite pair of slacks.  Didn't even skin my knees, but it was enough to turn me off climbing.    Now Steph Davis is completely opposite of me.  That is what makes reading books so much fun --- we live adventurously through them. 

Steph Davis dropped out of law school, lived in a truck and climbed wherever and whenever she could.    "It was a life of pure adventure, and nothing about it was safe," she said.  However her marriage and career as a professional climber unraveled.   What next?

Learning to Fly describes her discovery and exploration of free fall,  skydiving, and BASE (building, antenna, span, earth)  jumping.   Always at her side was her dog Fletch.  

I enjoyed reading about Davis' adventures;  my favorite parts were when she talked about Fletch, the four-legged love of her life.   Fletch tugged at my heart.   I felt the book could have been better edited and organized chronologically.   Rather it jumps from one scene to another several years in the future back to the first.   She describes how she met Fletch and her husband in several points in the book.   Fortunately there's an index in the back.