May 29, 2013

Always Watching - review

Always Watching  

author:  Chevy Stevens
publisher:  St. Martin's Press
to be published June 2013
source:  Publisher

Always Watching has
  • a psychiatrist
  • a commune
  • repressed memories coming to light
  • an estranged druggie daughter
The psychiatrist is a take-charge type of woman who is determined to investigate, report, and make things right. It is written in first person: "I did this. I remembered that. I went there. I talked to..."  I read the whole book, although I'm not sure why I did.     By the time I finished, I just didn't care about what happened, the twists and coincidences.  I hated that because Chevy Stevens' first book was such a favorite of mine.

YMMV -- your mileage may vary.