April 4, 2013

Lighthouse Bay - review

Lighthouse Bay
by Kimberley Freeman
publisher Touchstone, Simon and Schuster
published April  2013
source: publisher

Lighthouse Bay is a novel about two women a century apart.   They have much in common:
  • jewelery
  • leaves Europe
  • with deep grief
  • arrives in Australia, specifically Lighthouse Bay
  • a fresh start
  • a sister
I adored this book!   Freeman's style of writing expresses the characters' innermost desires and fears.   When she switched from one character (Isabelle in 1901) to another (Libby in 2011) and back again, I was so tempted to skip a few pages so that I could keep on reading about that certain character.     A wonderful, light read with some questions which do get answered.

I definitely will look for more Kimberley Freeman books, especially Wildflower Hill