March 14, 2013

One Step Too Far - review

One Step Too Far
by Tina Seskis
to be released April 15, 2013
source:  NetGalley

Emily runs away from her husband Ben and Charlie.   Why?  We don't know.  She goes to London,  changes her name to Cat,  finds a place to live and a job.

Different points-of-view are given chapter by chapter.  We see the mother's difficult day of  birth and her shock that it is twins.  We follow the philandering father that same day.  We understand why Emily's identical twin sister Caroline becomes the "evil" twin.  We watch their upbringing.  We also learn a bit about other people Emily/Cat meets. We see what happens the day Emily and Ben marry.

This book has everything:  twists and turns, twins - good and evil, jealousy, pregnancies, adultery.  And above all, a delicious mystery goes throughout, we keep asking why?  Why?  Yes, we do find out why; I was surprised but I won't tell you here. 

While reading the book, I had a hard time remembering the title One Step Too Far.  When I finished, I had an a-ha moment, and the title makes perfect sense.