January 3, 2013

The Intercept

The Intercept
author:  Dick Wolf
publisher: William Morrow, Harper Collins
source:  publisher

Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame has done it!  His first novel is as absorbing as the Law and Order shows.  One summer, I watched all the old shows while traveling through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan;  I think of both fondly.

This time Wolf's main character is Jeremy Fisk, a NYPD cop in the Intelligence Division.   He and his colleagues, including Krina Gersten, spend their time hunting terrorists.    One of their assignments is examining artifacts brought from Bin Laden's hideout to Ramstein Air Base in Germany.   I adored this section of the book.  

Soon afterwards, an airplane is hijacked on the way from Sweden to Newark.  Six people jump the hijacker.  The plane is diverted to Bangor;  from then on the six are known as The Six.  They become national heroes.

Fisk and Gerstein smell something fishy about the hijackingthe passengers, and The Six.   The reader is led through a romp.   We learn personality quirks of  The Six.   We follow terrorists while they do their murderous assignments.  We puzzle along with Gerstein and Fisk.  

Definitely one of my top reads of 2012. 

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