May 26, 2012

The Twitter Diaries

The Twitter Diaries
authors:  Georgie Thompson and Imogen Lloyd Webber  
publisher:  Bloomsbury Reader
published:  May 2011
source:  NetGalley

The premise of The Twitter Diaries sounds intriguing ... as Goodreads summarizes:
The Twitter Diaries tells the story of pen pals for the 21st century. Two parallel lives separated by an ocean but united over a social network.

Tuesday (@Tuesday Fields), a sports reporter and Stella (@StellaCavill), a men's shoe designer, are Brit 30-somethings who are introduced in NYC on NYE by a mutual friend, a notorious transatlantic TV presenter. They strike up an instant bond.

Over the next 365 days, @TuesdayFields and @StellaCavill put the world to rights, one tweet at a time. 
Alas and alack, I had a difficult time diving into this book.  The British-isms were difficult to understand.  The tweets were difficult to follow changing from one topic to another.  Younger readers would enjoy this book more because they grew up with texts, IMs, and tweets.

May 2, 2012

A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose - A Novel for Humans
author W. Bruce Cameron
publisher  Forge Books
source: publisher

Goodreads summary:   A Dog’s Purpose touches on the universal quest for an answer to life's most basic question: Why are we here?

Sometimes we are asked, "If you are reincarnated as another person, who would you come back as?"    Now, what if you were a dog?  What breed?  What kind of life?  What dog activities would you relish?

Even though I'm a cat person, I'm a sucker for well-written dog books.   This one rates better than Marley and Me and The Art of Racing in the Rain, both of which I adored.  

I lent the book to my daughter for her trip to the beach.  She cried reading.  Then she asked her friend at the beach if she wanted to read it.  "No way!  You cried."    But one afternoon, it was raining and they couldn't go to the ocean, so Marian read it.  Marian cried too.

Did I cry?  No, but came very close to it.   After I finished, I immediately passed it on to a friend, Pat, to read.   That same night, I discovered there is a sequel coming out.  Click-click go my computer keys, now A Dog's Journey has been pre-ordered, due to arrive next week.

I typed out a paragraph about A Dog's Purpose, but deleted it.  Simply grab your copy of the book and meet Toby/Bailey and enjoy getting into the mind of a dog.  It's okay if you cry too.