October 10, 2012

Until We All Come Home

to be published November 6, 2012
publisher:  FaithWords, Hachette
source: publisher

Kim and Jahn de Blecourt with their daughter Jacey go to Ukraine to adopt a boy.  They visit two different boys in Ukranian orphanages.  They realize the boys would not fit in their family.  The third boy, Sasha, three years old, is the perfect one.  While Jahn and Kim go through the application and paperwork process,  Kim is attacked by an elderly woman before going into McDonald's.  The assault was for no reason at all.

This is only the beginning of Kim's problems.  Weeks go by. Jahn has to go back home to Michigan for work.  Kim's worst problem is that a prosecutor takes an intense dislike to her and sets up several barriers for her to jump through.   Even after the family legally adopts Sasha, now renamed Jake,  Kim and Jake cannot leave Ukraine.

Months pass.  Months!  Kim holds tightly to God, but suffers depression through a long cold winter.  The true story becomes similar to a spy story, complete with hiding in secret and attempts to cross a country's border even with warrants out for Kim's name.

I visited Ukraine in the summer of 2011.  The Ukraine airport is the only place where I've been "patted down."    I remember some places Kim mentions such as Independence Square.  In fact that square is where Kim was assaulted.

Several friends have adopted or are in the process of adopting. I pray they do not go through what Kim did.

Interesting book, suspenseful.  Towards the end, Kim tells us how God helped her through. Others might call it coincidences, but actually these events are God-led.

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