October 12, 2012

Luther: The Calling

Luther: The Calling
author:  Neil Cross
publisher:  Touchstone - Simon & Schuster
source:  publisher

People who watch BBC and BBC America are familiar with Luther, a detective with a hot temper.  Unfortunately our cable television doesn't offer BBC, so I didn't know who Luther was until I picked up the book.

What a character!  Neil  Cross is the creator of the BBC television series.   After two seasons, he wrote Luther: The Calling as a prequel to the first season's first show.   Cross uses the present tense which makes the story flow faster, almost like you are watching a fast-paced show.

The case in the book is about a baby being cut out of her mother.  Shudder. Such a dark tale with several things to make you shudder again and again.   Even though the novel is stand-alone, we are introduced to Luther, his wife Zoe, and his colleagues who are also in the television show.  We also meet the killer who stole the baby and other unsavory despicable characters.

Because I'm hooked on Facebook, my favorite part of the book is when Facebook is mentioned in a discussion between Luther and Benny.   Here's part of the conversation:
"What's the golden rule of social networking?"
"Don't do it?"
"No.  The golden rule is -- only put up information or images you're happy for everyone to see and are happy to put your name to ...."

Unfortunately, the victims (parents of the stolen baby) posted too much and anyone can see the posts.

My husband and I are now hooked on Luther.  We rent DVDs from Netflix, and watch it with popcorn.  I'm eager to read future books about Luther.

Incidentally, Idris Elba  won the 2012 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Mini-Series for his portrayal of Luther.  Cross himself, the screenwriter and author, has been nominated and received many awards, including the Edgar Award.

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