October 22, 2012

How Serial Rapists...

How Serial Rapists Target Their Victims
by Linda Fairstein
publisher Open Road Media
source:  NetGalley

Linda Fairstein's article  How Serial Rapists Target their Victims was originally written for Cosmopolitian in October 2010.   She describes a few cases of violent serial sex offenders.  Some were caught and convicted using DNA.  Others are still loose.   Fairstein, a prosecutor, gives some hints on how to prevent being a victim. 

Fairstein has also written a series of crime novels.  Her biography from the Open Road Media site says: 

Linda Fairstein is one of America's foremost legal experts on violent crimes against women and children, and a former chief of the Manhattan District Attorney's pioneering Special Victims Bureau. She developed many of the techniques that have revolutionized the prosecution of sexual predators, including her early introduction of DNA as a forensic tool.
Her articles are now available where ebooks are sold.  The link at the header will take you to Open Road Media.    I would have preferred reading a book rather than this article.  I felt some details were missing.

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