August 5, 2012


Touched by Cyn Balog
to be published August 14, 2012
source NetGalley

Would you like to foresee the future?    Nick Cross, AKA Crazy Cross, in Touched would warn you that this is not a gift, but a curse.

Some facts about Nick:
  • he is in high school
  • ultra-sensitive to smells
  • was raised by his grandmother because his anxious mother spends all her time in her bedroom
  • has much anxiety
  • feels like a freak
  • has only a few friends he can talk to.  Therefore, he talks mostly in his head to himself. 
What Nick's schoolmates don't know about Nick is he can foresee the future.  "You Will..." which frequently go through his head is a premonition of what will happen in the next few seconds.   If Nick manages to avoid that "You Will" step,  his long-term future changes.  

I thought SLEEPLESS was marvelous and that Cyn Balog couldn't write a better book, but she outdid herself with TOUCHED. Towards the end I kept reading faster and faster and faster.   At one point, I had a question in my mind about "the powers" and what exactly they did.  She answered that question to my relief.  The end took me by surprise too.

In one of Balog's blog posts, she described her insecurity (she's one of the contributors to Dear Bully.)  This makes me realize that's how the fictional character Nick Cross felt.  As the saying goes:  like mother, like son  OR  like author, like character. 

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