August 29, 2012

The Twisted Window

The Twisted Window
by Lois Duncan
originally published 1987
e-book available August 28, 2012
publisher:  Open Road Integrated Media
source:  NetGalley

Aeons ago, I gobbled every Lois Duncan book I could find.   It was a delight to read The Twisted Window this month.  The story is focused on Tracy Lloyd, a new student in her high school.   One day, a boy who doesn't even go to this school approaches her in the school cafeteria.   Why? 

He follows her home through the park.   Creepy!   Again, why?  What is his motive?   Eventually, he tells Tracy what he wants from her.

The boy Brad and Tracy look through a warped window at something he wants -- ergo, the name The Twisted Window.  There are twists all-around, some caught me by surprise, some I suspected.   In addition, the word "twist" is frequently used, such as "She gave the knob a twist."   "... looking at life in a twisted way."    An enjoyable, easy-reading book. 

Even though this book was originally published in the late '80's, it has been updated to include today's items such as cellphones.    A new generation of readers will become hooked on Lois Duncan! 

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