August 3, 2012

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl
publisher Abingdon Press
to be published September 2012
source NetGalley

Pearl's mother is Barrie, a high-school guidance counselor.   Guidance counselors, as you know, see teenagers at their best and their worst, all the while working with them for their best possible future.

Barrie's daughter Pearl is seventeen-years-old.  She is betrayed by her boyfriend.  Then she withdraws from her family.  Barrie says "Mothering is not for cowards."   I chuckled,  how true!

Barrie also rationalizes "Teenagers are supposed to begin withdrawing from their parents at this age.  It's all part of the march of independence that will move her away from home..."   In addition to troubles with Pearl, Barrie copes with a prying mother,  a workaholic husband, and colleagues at her high school.  

One day, her world turns upside down and changes the lives of her family.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and read it in a two-day span which is unusual for me.  Recommended.

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