August 4, 2012

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Memoirs of an Imagainary Friend 
author Matthew Dicks
to be published late August 2012
source NetGalley
audio clip at Macmillan Audio

When I read the opening excerpt, I was instantly hooked!

Budo, our narrator, is an imaginary friend.   No one can see or talk to him except Max who imagined him in the first place five years ago, and other imaginary friends.    Max has Aspergers and difficulty making decisions.   Budo helps him,  so Max has kept him around.  Therefore Budo is  ancient at age five.

While Max is asleep, Budo goes places near the house.  One of his favorite places is the gas station.  One night there is a hold-up robbery and someone is shot.  Gasp!

Another night, a boy two grades ahead of Max, throws a rock through Max's bedroom window. This causes Max to "freeze."

One day Max disappears from school!  Budo knows how he left, but he doesn't know where Max went.  Neither do we.   There's a mad search for Max, where is he?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although at times some of Budo's thoughts and narration are simplistic.  But of course, he's an imaginary friend who has a difficult time figuring out the "real" world.  

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