April 15, 2012

It's So Easy

Title:  It's So Easy (and other lies)
Author:  Duff McKagan
Publisher:  Touchstone, Simon and Schuster
Source:  publisher

Guns N'Roses was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yesterday.  To celebrate the occasion, I read Duff McKagan's It's So Easy (and Other Lies).

 McKagan is an intelligent man who was caught up in the rock and roll cyclic scene of drugs, rehab,  alcohol, drugs, rehab again.   Add music and more music giving him fame and fortune.

My favorite parts  were when McKagan talks about his family --- his childhood family and his family today.   He almost died in an accident as a child.  It amazed me that he went to college years after Guns N'Roses.   It was a struggle to be admitted to college.    McKagan talks about his writing experiences.   This man CAN write!

The ending makes one laugh ...  Duff had just played in a stadium out of the country, been given a police escort, and fans were chanting his name in the streets.  He phoned a professor to ask about an assignment.   The professor responds "Duff who?"    That's how I was before I read the book, "Duff who?"    Now I'm glad to know who he is.

I hope to read more by McKagan.

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