March 22, 2012

The God Box - review

The God Box
by Mary Lou Quinlan
to be published April 17
source:  NetGalley

summary:   When Mary Lou Quinlan’s beloved mother, Mary Finlayson, dies, her family is bereft—until Mary Lou finds her mother’s “God Box,” or rather, boxes. These simple containers are stuffed with tiny notes written by Mary, praying for everything from the right flooring for her daughter’s new home to a cure for her own blood cancer. 

my perspectives:    My mother, just like the author's mother, prayed daily.   She kept calendars of birthdays of all her nieces, nephews,  their children, and grandchildren.    Mother didn't keep a God Box, but she had shelves full of journals year-by-year.   Therefore, I was delighted to run across this sweet little book.  So other mothers did the same thing.......

Mary Lou Quinlan had an extremely close relationship with her mom, Mary Finlayson.  Her book shows assorted notes Mary F. wrote along with issues facing the family throughout the years.   Any scrap piece of paper would do ... it didn't have to be fancy.  It was her way to send pleas and gratitude to God, then letting go.

I felt several tinges of regret while reading the book.  My relationship with my own mother was not as "perfect" as Mary and Mary Lou's relationship with each other.   I loved my  mother, and I miss her terribly.   It reassured me to find the Reading Group Guide on the God Box Project website (below)   that questioned how the reader felt about this perfection.    

We all should take Mary F's habit to heart.    Mary Lou has created The God Box Project for the rest of us.  You can find a sample chapter here along with a copy of  Mary's note, "I love you.  You will always be in my God Box."   

That's how I felt about my grandmother.   I knew I was in her prayers.  Before she died at age 106, she lay in bed praying every night for each one of her descendants (there were around 100) by name.   How I miss these prayers!   But now that I'm in the "older" generation,  I will start a God Box.  Maybe I can accumulate ten little boxes like Mary F.  What a legacy Mary F. left!


Mary Lou Quinlan said...

Hello and thanks so much for your comments about my book "The God Box." I especially appreciate your honesty, contrasting your relationship with your own mother to the way I felt about mine. I know that not everyone shared the closeness that I did with my Mom but also hope that her story might remind us of the potential we have to love the family and friends we are blessed to have. Hope you fill as many God Boxes as you need...with love! Mary Lou Quinlan

Booksnob said...

Wow what a great review. I love the idea of a God Box and not just for mothers but for kids too. Thanks for such a great idea and the book sounds like it would make a super mother's day gift.