February 2, 2012

Delivering Hope - blog tour

Delivering Hope
author:  Jennifer Ann Holt
publisher:  Cedar Fort, Inc.
release date:  February 8, 2012
source:  author

summary:  Infertility.  If it doesn't affect us, it affects someone near us.  An unexpected pregnancy. We all know someone who has been a surprise baby or had one.   

Jennifer Ann Holt has written a novel about these two issues.  Olivia wants to be a mom and Allison is shocked to have a positive pregnancy test.

My perspective: At first I had difficulties enjoying the first few chapters because I'm not familiar with the LDS  terms.  I was reminded of the Biblical stories of Hannah who had to deal with watching Peninnah and of Sarah and Hagar.  The novel picked up when Olivia read her great-aunt's journal.  The best part of the whole book is the Author's Note telling about her own struggle with infertility and joys of adoption.   When I finished the book, I found myself wishing she had told more about herself rather than writing a fictional novel. 

Giveaway:  Jennifer is giving away two signed copies of Delivering Hope as well as magnets and bookmarks.  There are three ways you can enter:
1.  Follow Jennifer's blog and leave a comment there to let her know.

2.  Like the Delivering Hope facebook page.
3.  Watch the trailer and leave a comment about the book trailer on her facebook page.

An adoption attorney and adoptive father, Wesley D. Hutchins, says it perfectly:  "Somewhere in the world a pregnancy test is negative...and a woman weeps. Somewhere else in the world a pregnancy test is positive...and another woman weeps. In Delivering Hope, the miracle of adoption brings them together" 

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