October 3, 2011

Why We Broke Up - review

Why We Broke Up
author:  Daniel Handler
illustrator: Maira Kalman
to be published January 2012

Breaking up is hard to do.    Or is it easy to do?  At any rate, it can be tough.

A refreshing book about a BOX is Why We Broke Up.   Min (short for Minerva) sends a box of mementos back to Ed after they have broken up.  Inside the box are many things:  a matchbox, tickets, earrings, posters.    With each item, Min explains in a long letter "this is why we broke up."

Min is an "artsy" girl, meaning she and her best friend Al love seeing vintage movies and quoting lines from these films.   At the very end of the book, it is heartbreaking to read Min's words on why she is NOT artsy.

The best part of the book is the illustrations.  Full color!  In a YA book!  This is a rarity, and will be well worth the cost of the book.   The dialogue was a bit much, with many many many relative clauses in the middle of the too-long sentences.   
Have a break-up story?  The author and the illustrator want to know!   You can post your story at The Why We Broke Up Project or read other stories and think "I'm glad this didn't happen to me!" 

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