October 12, 2011

Commune of Women - review

Commune of Women
Suzan Still
publisher Fiction Studio
source: publisher
Goodreads summary:  The lives of seven women are about to become inextricably entangled, as they converge upon LA International Airport for various purposes. Suddenly, the morning erupts into chaos, as black-clad terrorists charge into the terminal, guns blazing. As the concourse becomes a killing field, six of the women dodge a hail of bullets to find refuge in a tiny staff room. 
The minute I first heard about the Commune of Women and its plot, I put it on my Wish List on Amazon.   Then the publisher asked if I wanted to review the book.   Did I!!   Yes, definitely. 
     The seven women could not be any more different from each other.  One is a frumpy fat housewife.  Another is a world traveler in designer clothes.  There's a homeless bag lady.  A mysterious woman, huge in size, takes on the leadership role naturally.  However, a psychologist feels she should be the leader because she's the one with the education.  
      The psychologist knows the best way to keep the women from panicking is to have them tell stories about their lives.   At first I was reluctant to read those shorter stories,  I didn't want to hear about the past .... I wanted to know what happened next in that small room.  Still, the author Still, grabbed me with these stories.  They made the book.
       Her style of writing differed for each female character --  for example, the homeless woman spoke and thought in dialect (the same way as in the opening chapter of the book The Help).  
      How would you behave if you were in a room with five stressed emotional strangers for four days?  Would you panic?  What story would you tell when your turn?    Commune of Women is a great book to ponder over. 

About the author:  Still  has a masters in art and writing and a doctorate in depth psychology. Her experiences in teaching creative writing in a men's prison can be found in a three-part series on Fiction Studio blog.  

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