October 7, 2011

Car Wash and a Giveaway

FEAR! (and a giveaway)

Winner is Nan-c Feiertag! She will choose a Book by Tara.

Maddox, age 2 1/2,  went through the car wash and covered his eyes, just the same way you and I cover our eyes in a horror movie.   His daddy texted me this photo and said it was heartbreaking to see his fear.

A grammy will do anything for her loved one, and I knew just the solution.    

Books by Tara to the rescue!   I had recently won a book from Tara and chose Water.   This time I ordered Car Wash. 

Here is Max looking at his new book for the first time.  The pages are full 8 1/2 by 11" photographs.  Sound effects are printed in an arc on the steering wheel of the car.    

The page Max is looking at says "Flippa Floppa Flippa Floppa Flippa Floppa."  

Another page says "ka-poonka ka-poonka."   What other sound effects can you think of while going through the car wash?

There are two ways you can win your choice of a book by Tara.

1.  Sign up for Tara's monthly newsletter on her website.  That's how I won Water.

2.  Fill out the form below.  Tara will give away one book to a random name selected.  USA addresses only.   I will randomly draw the winner on October 20, and email both the winner and Tara.

In the meantime, I think I might order couple more books for a baby shower.  My daughter and I were at a baby shower, she and I were the only two people in a room full of guests that gave a book.  Imagine!


Shonda said...

Great idea for using the book. Cute little guy!

Megan said...

We posted about your giveaway at Winning Readings.