September 12, 2011

Thirsty? - Savoring Living Water review


granddaughter Madeleine Isabella 2 years ago
Need to quench your thirst for the Lord?  Even better, want to savor the Living Water?  You can do that with the new e-book Savoring Living Water by Katie Orr and Lara Williams.

I received a review copy because I filled out a survey many weeks ago.  I liked the e-book so much that I immediately printed out all the pages.  It is short but packs a powerful punch to the thirst.

Here's what's inside: reasons to recognize our thirst, studying, memorizing and applying God's Word.  On-line study tools -- several I wasn't aware of.  And the best part:  journal-guide pages for you to write your own responses.

Both authors are contributors at Do Not Depart which focuses on memorizing scripture.  Naturally their e-book has some pointers on memorization.

Katie at Living Devotionally and Lara at To Overflowing plan a big party Tuesday September 13 with giveaways on their blogs. now has this e-book for your Kindle if you can't wait until tomorrow.  

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