September 25, 2011

Pregnant Pause - review

Pregnant Pause
author Han Nolan
published September 2011

Eleanor is seven months pregnant.  Ellie, formerly a wild girl, says it well, "I'd hate to have me for a kid."   Her parents have the expected reactions when they find out about her pregnancy.  Dad storms around the house and says, "payback time."  Now that she's expecting a baby, uh-oh what will the baby be like?  Her missionary parents tell her she has to go back to Africa with them or go live with her married sister.  No Way!   Ellie tells her parents she will get married instead.

Eleanor and her new husband live at a camp run by her in-laws.  On their wedding night, he goes out partying with his friends.  That's the kind of loyalty he gives her.

On top of pregnancy and the partying-boozing hubby,  she has to cope with the camp kids,  the MIL (mother-in-law), and the Old Bag. 

This is a fun quick, yet serious, read ---   more social issues are covered than teen pregnancy ...  I'll let you discover those issues yourself.

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BookGeek said...

First off, i think I really like the title of this story. It pulled me in immediately and seems really tongue-in-cheek. I think having a protagonist go through such a life altering event makes a great story, but add the backdrop of more tension - the camp, her "husband" and her parents - this seems like a great read. Thanks for sharing!