September 8, 2011

Friday! Every Day a Friday - review

Friday is coming on Tuesday!

Once you begin Joel Osteen's Every Day a Friday, your outlook on life changes.

I received this book for review,  read a few pages, then immediately got my journal to scribble down some notes and lines.  

You see the difference in one letter:  I've got to vs. I get to.   Think about it:  "I've got to clean house, ugh"   vs.  "I get to clean house, I have a home to clean."    Brought this up in Sunday School last Sunday when we were talking about attitudes.

Couple times recently in an argument with my hubby, I said (thank you, Pastor Osteen), "You aren't going to steal my joy."  That takes him aback. (wink)

Sometimes a good friend of mine is a bit late to Sunday School because she likes to watch Joel and Victoria Osteen on t.v.  Sometimes she slips out of church a bit early in order to get home to catch his program.    I promised her my review copy.  In the meantime, I'm going to set my TiVo to "see" him for the first time.

Even though Osteen repeats himself  throughout the book,  his enthusiasm is contagious.  If only more grumpy people would pick up a copy, how different our world would be!   I'm not saying you're a grump, but here's a way to win a copy plus a bag and mugs (which I'm drooling over) on Facebook between today and Monday evening.

Every Day A Friday
author Joel Osteen
source:  Faith Words

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